This website is dedicated to help you choose the right decisions in your quest to creating your own website from development through to hosting. My insight comes from years of personal experience in this web development industry which I hope to share with you before you make your move.

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Get practical advice on choosing your website host and recommendations based on my experience with them...

What to look out for?

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Choosing a domain

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How can you choose a domain name to work best for the nature of your site? Find out the cheapest and best place to register...

What's a good domain?

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Help on building a website

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Building a website can be easier than you think. We list the best "hidden" tools to help you build your site and most are free too...

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Free and honest advice to help you get started

This website is created to provide all fellow webmasters, would be webmasters and all you people out there who are not familiar with where to start on getting their website online. To be honest it's not a complicated procedure but of course I would say that having been in this industry for so many years. Here you will find all the basic information that you will need in order to put your company or personal website online from choosing the right web hosting company in the UK or web hosting from around the world, email hosting, domain registration, building your website easily with online website builders. All the information I give here are unbiased. I am providing these information from my own personal experience on creating web sites and hosting them on different web hosting providers. And if all this information is not enough to get you started, I do work freelance as well so "help is at hand"!

Steps to creating your first website

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To get a website for your business or for yourself online is pretty straight forward and can be done in many different ways and with a large range of different technologies. The steps outlined here are the bare fundamental requirements to get you and your business up and running.

  1. Choose your website domain name that you want to host your website under

    This is essentially your virtual online address that people use to find you. Think of it as your home address for your physical house but the online equivalent. Read more about registering a web domain name here...

  2. Choose your hosting company that you will use to put your website

    Your hosting company is the equivalent to your land that you build your house on and your house is your website. Read more about choosing the right web hosting company here...

  3. Build your website

    Now there are a number of ways to build your website but they all require some sort of coding. If you are new to web development and haven't got a clue about coding but would like to give it a go and build your site yourself, read about recommended online web builders here.... Alternatively, you can contact me and I'll get you up and running with one in no time.

  4. Set up your business or personal email address under your domain name

    For the sake of looking professional, you should always trade under your own domain name when emailing clients. What's more unprofessional than a company using for example " ". The chances are, that potential customers are turned away from your site due to trust issues. Let's face it, would you trust a company that doesn't have their own private email address? Read more about email hosting here...

Disclosure: Through my web development experience, I built this personal review site which is completely personal and unbiased. In order to provide this information free for my readers, I use links to other companies on this site to receive compensation for referring them. As a reader, you will not pay any more than you already would. I have tested each product thoroughly and recommend only the best. My site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are mine.

Something about me

Everything is going online these days, whether it's a company business or your own personal need to provide some sort of information to the entire world. Being in the world of web design and development, I get asked so many questions regarding how to start creating a website and how can it go online with a domain name that I choose and with which hosting provider, or how can I get my own domain emails to customised my business brand to make it look more professional, because let's face it, having a Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail email account to communicate with your clients isn't the best image to project. I've been involved in the development of many websites which are hosted around the world with different hosting companies and built on different frameworks.

Need help on Web Development or Consultation

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Besides helping you make the right decisions on web hosting in the UK, domain name registration or building your website, I also take on freelance web development jobs around the world. I've worked with many companies such as advertising firms, educational institutions, right through to successful ecommerce companies. Contact me about what your requirements are and if I am able to assist you, we'll get down to detail.

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