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Jimdo Review - Simple Web Builder

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Jimdo is another of the top free website builders out in the market for people who can't be bothered learning how to do the programming that's usually required in order to create a feature-rich website. Well, there really is no need to know how to code when Jimdo does the coding for you. All you need to do is do the dragging and dropping of your web components such as your images, videos and adding your text. That really is how easy Jimdo is to use.

You can have a website up and running within the same day that you sign up and that's literally minutes. All you do is, go to their website and sign up for an account with them and that's it.You can start dragging and dropping away as you like. Jimdo does have 3 plans for you to choose from which will be discussed in this review.

Jimdo video

See how easy it is to get started with Jimdo using their drag and drop interface on this video.

Jimdo business Pricing Plans

As mentioned previously, Jimdo has 3 different plans for you to choose from depending on your requirements. If you're just looking to create a website for fun like a blog, then you should go for the Jimdo Free plan which is of course free to use. If you are a small business just starting out and know that you won't have a lot of customers coming through the internet onto your website, then you should choose the Jimdo Pro plan which is $5 (about £3.). Else, if you are a bigger sized company where you website will generate a lot of traffic and is a big part of your business's livelihood like an online shopping site, then you should go for the Jimdo Business plan which costs US$15 which is under £10 per month. All 3 plans have different levels of specifications and restrictions which you can see below with pricing or go Jimdo's website to see more.

jimdo specifications

About Jimdo web builder

Easy to use and good support

Jimdo is really easy to use with their drag and drop interface. You should find no difficulty in learning how to use it and also if you ever do get stuck, just check out their video tutorials, FAQ, forums or even just send an email to Jimdo's support team. Everything that you need on a website is available at the click of a button, or several clicks to be more precise but still damn easy to use. Elements such as Google Maps, Guestbook, social media widgets like Facebook's Like button and Twitter's tweet button, Flash components, file downloads, photo galleries and much more are available by clicking and dragging.

Design templates

They have a truck load full of templates to get you started on. Just take a browse through their catalogue and choose the design that you would like your website to use. After you've chosen the template, you can change it again later and also modify it to the way you want it to look.

Make any type of websites

Whether you're thinking of creating a online shopping site, a blog, forum or a plain company information site for customers to find more information about you, Jimdo web builder can do it for you. So the chances of you choosing to go with Jimdo and later finding out that you can't use it is pretty slim. If you were going to do something much more advance such as a website like Facebook, then you wouldn't be reading up on website builders anyway.

Your own domain and emails

You can use your own domain name too of course which you can link back to your Jimdopage (technical term for a website built using Jimdo). In order to do this, you would need to be on the Pro or Business plan. If you don't know how to create your own domain name, check out step by step instructions here for registering a domain name. You can of course just use the subdomain that Jimdo provides for free but there are lots of added benefits in having your own.

Stats, speed and servers

Jimdo provides information on traffic stats for your website so you know exactly how many people are using your website. Their web servers, data centers and CDN's are scattered around the world so you can be sure that the speed of your website is going to be fast and that if any servers fail, your website will still be available to the public.


Sign up with Jimdo

Getting started with Jimdo is easy. Start by typing in your new web address with Jimdo and also your email address so that they can confirm the account with you.

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