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Wix Review - Flash Web Builder

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If you're into Flash websites, then Wix is the best and only online website builder that you should go for. Basically they have the whole package. Wix web builder is really user-friendly and is so easy to use using a drag and drop facility. No programming skills is needed whatsoever since all you do is find the component that you want to add to your page such as an image and drag it onto the spot that you want to place it on your site. Wix websites are also completely search engine friendly so you'll benefit from good search engine rankings as well so your beautiful Wix Flash site can be found more easily. Thousands of Wix templates for free to get you started do you don't need to start from scratch!

With over 9 million Flash websites created using Wix from 2006 till now, they are one of the best online website builders out there in the market. Give them a try now for free!

Wix video tutorial

Watch a video of Wix to see how easy it is to use by just choosing a template and customising it to the way you want it for your site.

There are loads of other tutorials on the Wix website video library to help you along your way. Anything that you can think that you might need help on, you should be able to find a tutorial there. Other video tutorials include:

  • Getting started with Wix
  • Using Wix templates
  • Editing your page and adding images or other web components
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • Promoting your site
  • Upgrading to premium
  • and loads more...

Go Premium with Wix

While Wix is a free to use website builder, it's free version does come with limitation, but you can remove them by upgrading to Wix Premium which comes with a whole new load of extra features including:

  • Your own domain name hosted with Wix
  • No annoying advertisements on your site
  • Unlimited bandwidth meaning no cap on the number of visitors to your site
  • More storage space for your site to grow
  • Google Analytics installed so you can keep track of your website stats
  • Free vouchers to advertise on Adwords and Facebook
  • Upgraded web hosting
  • and super fast response for customer support service

Wix Premium Price Plans

Minimum signup length is 1 month but cheaper if you sign up for a year (less 18%) and you will be billed according to your contract length. You can cancel your account at anytime you want but no refund on the unused period left on your contract so use it up before you cancel your Wix account. You also have a 14 day trial period where you can get a full refund if you're not entirely satisfied with them. If you wanted to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan, you can do that too. See Wix Premium pricing plans below.

wix pricing plans

Wix web and email hosting

You don't need to buy separate web hosting with Wix premium as it's a whole package where you get your domain, web hosting and website all in the one place. You do however, if you need to, get email hosting elsewhere as Wix does not offer an email service with their plans.


Wix is the best tool to use for creating Flash website fast, easy, beautifully and effectively. There are no other better choices out there in the market for creating a completely Flash-based site and it is cheap to use as well. If you go out there to a web development agency and ask them to create a Flash site for you, I can guarantee it's going to cost you a few hundred pounds for a few page site. You could of course learn to program in Flash too which requires Actionscripting and also need to design all your graphics. If that's too much for you then do it on Wix website builder and you could save yourself a lot time and money.

Last Updated April 26 2014 by Alex Tse