Shared, VPS or Dedicated Hosting? Which one is right for me?

When you consider buying hosting for your website, you go onto a web hosting service provider's website and you'll likely find it overwhelming with an abundance of information plus a log of technical jargon that probably means nothing to you. At that that, you begin to get worried sand start questioning yourself whether you are up for the challenge of creating your own website .I'm here to tell you don't worry and that it's actually quite simple to start your own website which you can find out more information such as a step by step guide on starting your own website here.

In this article, I'm going to discuss one of the first technical jargon you're going to come across when choosing your hosting and that is the type of hosting. There are mainly 3 that are available: Shared hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) and Dedicated hosting. So what are the differences and which one is right for you? Here is the information that you're looking for:

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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most common web hosting available on the market and is perfect for beginners, for people who will build a personal website, blog, forum, for small to medium sized business websites and for people who are on a budget. Shared hosting is by far the most widely used type of hosting because of it's simplicity of use and its low running cost such as £2.50 ($3.95) per month with HostPapa.

When you choose Shared hosting, you are essentially sharing the same physical web server with other website owners but you have your own private allocated space which only you have access to put your website files into. Be careful of really cheap shared hosting companies as these companies tend to overload each server with websites meaning your website is fighting for resources with hundreds of other websites, hence the low price, but your website performance will suffer in the process. Companies such as Bluehost, Hostpapa and Hostmonster usually have between 30-50 websites per server which I have found to be good and haven't had any issues on resources, so therefore recommending them to you too.So how do you know SHare hosting is right for you or not? Well, if your website is going to be smaller scale i.e. not going to contain thousands of pages and have tens of thousands of people visiting your site everyday, then Shared hosting is right for you.

What is Virtual Private Hosting (VPS)

VPS hosting is a good choice for people who have more budget to put towards their website. Essentially, it's an upgrade of Shared hosting where one physical server is partitioned into maybe 5 units and each unit is allocated to a different customer to manage their websites on. So you see, you are sharing the server resources with less website owners plus you have more space and control of the server hence a higher price of about 20 times the price of shared hosting. This would make VPS hosting about £50 ($80) upwards for a decent provider but it's worth considering if you own a business and you are serious about creating a website or multiple websites with sizeable traffic of around several thousand visitors per day. Or also if you think your website will require a lot more resources as compared to a normal information website such as image processing, video processing etc.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is for larger companies with websites that will have a lot of traffic e.g. over 10,000 visitors per day. Dedicated servers are not for beginners nor will you likely need to be hosting your website on these servers if you're reading this article. Dedicated hosting is for experienced companies that have been in the web development game for some time. The cost is usually several hundred pounds or dollars and can be expensive business. Since this website is for beginners and SME businesses, I don't recommend you go for this option at this point until your website does gain a lot more momentum in which by then, you can upgrade your shared hosting to dedicated hosting. And if you ask them nicely, they can make the migration process real simple for you.


Which hosting is right for me?

The hosting that is right for you now is shared hosting. Trust me you will not need more at this point. Shared hosting is good enough for all types of websites with up to 2000 visitors per day which is a very good website if you are able to get up there. This website, is hosted on shared hosting. Browse through my website and see if you can feel any technical problems. You should find it to be quite fast and snappy right? The below are the 3 top hosting companies that I would recommend that you go for as they are great for share hosting plans and are well priced. I as an experienced web developer use them for many different websites that I own and which I've helped companies migrate to, so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use them too.

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