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Choosing the right Web Hosting Company

I often get asked the question "how do I get a website online?", and in my answer I will always mention "web hosting". In order to get your website online, you need a web hosting company who will store your website files for you so that people can access them on the Internet. Think of it as a piece of land to build your house on (where the land is your web host and the house is your website). You can't build a house with no land so keep this in mind and you'll know what hosting is.

When choosing your web host, there are a number of things that you should consider including the following:

Do they provide you with enough bandwidth?

Having unlimited bandwidth in this day and age is the standard that you should be looking for. Don't go for any less. Take my word for it because if your website grows large and you get more traffic, the chances of exceeding their bandwidth allowance is high so, trust me on this one, you don't want to have this type of bother when your site is doing well.

Do they support what you are trying to host?

This the question of Windows hosting or Linux hosting. They're arguably just as good as each other but they couldn't be more different. Windows hosting is developed under Microsoft's specifications and software which costs a lot of money. Linux servers run on open source operating systems and free software developed by a massive group of people consisting of individuals around the world who hate Microsoft basically because they charge a lot for not a lot. So which one should you choose? Well that depends on which language you're going to base your site on. If it's ASP then you need Windows hosting. If it's PHP, then you need Linux hosting. If it's neither because you're a beginner and you will used plain HTML and Javascript, then I would recommend you opt for Linux hosting. They're cheaper, faster and more versatile. Again, trust me, when in doubt, choose Linux hosting.

Do they also host adult related websites?

OK, so why this topic? Well usually these adult sites are blacklisted by many mail servers and because of the nature of the site, they use up huge amounts of bandwidth and space. So if you're website was hosted on the same web server as a bunch of these sites, then you're going to get blacklisted as well when trying to send out an EDM (email newsletter) to your customers. So check with the hosting provider before you sign up. All the companies that I am listing here are adult-site-free, so be rest assured with my recommendations.

Do they have high server up time?

What is server up time? This is a percentile of the time that a company's web server is up and running. You obviously want to choose a web host that has high up time because you don't want to get yourself into the situation where people try to access your beautiful website only to find that they can't access it because the web server is down.

Do they have good customer support?

This is very important! You want to go with a hosting provider that has good customer service because I can guarantee that once you have chosen your hosting provider, you will need to contact them at one point or another to ask them for help. And what's more annoying than a customer service who are unwilling to help? I put this high on my list of priorities so hopefully you will too. You will find who I have selected as the best web hosting company with the best support a little later.

Do they have enough space for what you are trying to host?

Are you hosting a video streaming website like YouTube or image hosting site such as Flickr? If you are, then you would need to find a hosting service with a plan that provides you with plenty of space and plenty of bandwidth.

Do they offer a good price?

Price is always a big issue with anything these days. Don't go for the cheapest web hosts because cheap doesn't necessarily mean they are good. You might even be getting a reduced service which is very probable. Similarly, expensive web hosting doesn't mean they are good either. This one you need to make an informed decision yourself because only you can judge what's worth what. I usually go for mid-ranged priced companies after reading loads of reviews. But you're one-step ahead already because I've done that for you. just choose one from the recommended web hosting companies on

Web Hosting in the UK

There are a few good web hosting companies in the UK which you should be made aware of which are scattered nationwide. Doesn't really matter where they are physically located, as long as they have a good service at a good price is what you need to look out for. Hosting your website in UK tends to be more expensive that say the likes of web hosting in the US. So why choose to host your website in the UK? There are many reasons such as faster website for local UK visitors to your site and you can go hunt them down if the web hosting company is not doing their job right.

But it's not always necessary to host your website in the UK even if you are building your website in the UK. What if your target audience is not the UK because you're selling goods to say America? Then you'd be better off hosting your site in the US since your customers will be coming from there. I host many websites in the US some targeted at the country itself and even some targeting back to to the UK. I do this to save big on costs without compromising on anything, even on SEO, there are tricks around this which I will share with you in another article.

The below are a few of the UK web hosting companies that I would recommend.

Top Hosting Provider

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HostPapa: HostPapa is a web hosting company that's been around for a long time which is up there along with the best...

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space | Free domain
[Personally recommended]

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5 star rating: Recommended



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Hostmonster: Another cheap web hosting company that does its job thrill-free. HostMonster web hosting is good for small to medium sized companies...

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space | Free domain

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Bluehost: Top web hosting provider in the US with fast speeds in the UK, umlimited email accounts and free domain...

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space | Free domain

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Myhosting: are located in Canada with over 10 years history...

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space | Unlimited domains

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Network Solutions: Cheap US web hosting service with good service, free domain for full duration of your contract, free website builder tools...

Unlimited bandwidth | 300GB space | Unlimited domains




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ANhosting: Free domain with hosting, unlimited space, bandwidth, FTP and MySQL databases. Great for websites built on open source CMS.

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space | Free domain




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HostGator: Hostgator is a top hosting company in the US that tick many of the boxes...

Unlimited bandwidth | Unlimited space

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EUKhost: UK based web hosting with good uptime, fast connection, good customer support, a UK leader with 5 plans to choose from...

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1&1 Internet: Well maintained web hosting service with great uptime and reliable. 10GB web space for starting package with domain name included...

Unlimited bandwidth | Free domains

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Godaddy: GoDaddy is the biggest name in web domain name registration and web hosting which they are equally big in...

Unlimited bandwidth | 150GB space | Unlimited domains

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