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Domain Name Registration

domain name

The first thing to do when you want to start a website for a company or for yourself as a personal website is that it's almost imperative that you have and register your own chosen domain name for example "". Without this domain name registration, your business will never grow to what you want it to be. The reason why I say it's "almost" imperative is because it is of course not absolutely necessary. You can opt for one of those free hosting services where they'll give you a subdomain to play off e.g. "". These free domain hosting services are free for a reason and that reason is "to help them grow their business". Essentially, by building your website with them and getting your visitors and clients to visit your website, you are in return sending these people to this free domain hosting service provider. I never use these companies for the following reasons:

  • can't grow your own business as limited to their set of rules
  • if they inadvertently close down, they take your business and customers away with them
  • you get unwanted advertising on your own site
  • you don't own your website

There are many other reasons for not using these free domain hosting services but please take my word for it, DO NOT USE them. You will regret it and you can mark my words on that. I've been in the business long enough to know. Notice that I don't even bother to list these companies here because I loathe them.

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So where should you register your domain name?

The answer is the one and only company that I would highly recommend, and that is GoDaddy. They are the world leaders in internet domain name registrations and also they do it at the best price which is a bonus. They often sell a .com for only US$7.49. Godaddy is the one and only company that I do all my domain registrations on so if you're looking for some advice on this area, take it from me that Godaddy is your best option.

Search for your domain below.  Godaddy's domain engine will see if your chosen name is available or not. Come back here once you're done mind so you continue reading our advice...

Country specific domains

OK, so now that I've given you the best place to register your domain name, do you choose a .com,, .co or whatever? I would recommend that if your target audience to this new website that you're going to build is the United Kingdom, then you should register a This should be your first choice. So what if the domain name that you want to register is not available and already taken by someone else? Fret not my dear friend. Go for option number 2 which is to register a .com which will work just as well as a "How?" you might ask. The answer is to use webmaster tools offered by Google to select your country target audience. By doing this, your website will be favoured for search results in that country which in this case, would be the UK. So go right ahead and register yourself with a webmasters account and choose United Kingdom. It's really easy. If you don't know how to do it, then you can contact us and we'll do it for you at a nominal fee.

Private domain registration

You should note this as well. Whenever someone registers for a new domain name, the registrant's information such as their name, address, email and telephone number is made publicly available to anyone searching the domains directory. If you don't want your information to be shown, you can opt for private domain registrations. See link below:

Free Private Registration with EVERY domain!

Choosing and registering a domain name

Check the section on my top 10 tips on choosing a domain name or watch the video below. For a step by step guide in domain name registration, please see my guide.

Need help on domain registration?

If this information is not enough and you still need help on registering your domain, we can help you of course for a small fee. Contact us and let us know what it is that you need help on whether it's choosing the right domain name or just need help on the complete registration process and we'll work it out for you.

Last Updated April 26 2014 by Alex Tse