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Cheap web hosting

cheap web hosting

So you've decided to create a website for yourself or one for the company business. The next thing to consider is "where are you going to host this site?". One of the major factors affecting your choice of the ample selections that you have out there is the price. Everyone loves a bargain and when it comes to web hosting, everyone wants to get it done as cheaply as possible as well. There are however, some points that you need to take into consideration before you dive into cheap web hosting for your website.

Why should or shouldn't you opt for cheap web hosting

Ever heard people say "You only get what you paid for"? Sure you have, and it doesn't matter what the subject is, this phrase applies to all. If you find an advertisement that says "Host your website for free", I would be very wary of this offer and personally, I would forget I saw it and move on because the service will be pretty limited and most likely, you would have unwanted and annoying advertisements put on your website. These free hosting companies will get their money back one way or another.

If you see an advertisement that offers hosting for like £1 or £2, this really is a cheap offer for web hosting and a bit too good to be true. I've tried them myself before and the service is rather limited in terms of support and features. For example if you wanted some help on technical issues, you'll be hard pressed trying to find someone who can help you. If you wanted some additional features added in like gzipping your site to make it faster, the chances of getting it applied are slim. Speed and reliability of their connection would probably be compromised as well so even if you have a great website, it might run even slower than your grandma could.

If you found a company offering their shared hosting plans for around £10 and up, then they're over priced and you would be a bit of a fool to sign up with them because you wouldn't be getting any more than the average respectable hosting company. Expensive is not always better either.

If you found an offer for web hosting that's around £3 and up per month, this is probably the standard price that you're looking for which will give you a good shared hosting environment. Good hosting companies frequently have good offers giving 20 to 30% off their hosting if you sign up for a longer period of time such as 3 years. I usually choose these kind of offers during their promotion periods because they provide good hosting which is usually at a more premium price at a discounted price, so in theory, you get more for less.

So which "cheap" web hosting company should you choose?

Don't just go with any company. Go with a well renowned web hosting company with a good history of hosting websites. I have listed a few recommended web hosting companies which I consider cheap or good value for money in the table below. Any of them would provide a platform for all that you would need for a blog, small business website, forum or a small shopping site. I wouldn't recommend these companies if I haven't used them before so take it from me, they would provide you with a hopefully, if same as what I've had, a good web hosting experience. I am basing my recommendations through speed, support, features and history.

Top Cheap Web Hosting


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HostPapa » 5 star rating: Recommended
[Personally recommended]

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Myhosting » 5star

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Bluehost » 5star

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Hostmonster » 5star

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Network Solutions » 5star



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ANhosting » 5star



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Godaddy » 5star

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EUKhost » 5star

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1 & 1 Internet » 5star

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Hostgator » 5star

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