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Email Hosting Services for Your Business

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Getting your own private email address is one of the fundamental points that a business should think about when running their business but it's amazing the number of professional businesses that I've come across that still do all their correspondences with clients through a free email service such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. While this is OK as it does do it's purpose of keeping you connected to your clients online, it also projects an element of unprofessionalism in your company. Why? Because think about it, a company that won't invest in registering for their own private email address, you'll start to wonder what other shortcuts or cutbacks this company is going to take in their services to you as a potential customer.

How do I get my own private email address?

I have my own website or I will be creating a website to be hosted with a web hosting company

The answer to this is simple! Again, their are a few ways to go about this, but the way I will tell you is usually the most basic and best. First of all, you need to register for your own domain name. Once you've done that, get hosting for your website. Your web hosting company will 99 times out of 100, will provide you with email service which can be access through their webmail service. The web hosting companies that I have recommended in this website all provide this service.

If you don't like using web hosting companies webmail service, you can modify the MX records on your web server and get your email redirected and hosted on Google's famous Gmail platform. I have recommended and helped so many companies set this up as it's familiar if you've used Gmail before and reliable. Contact me if you need help on this.

I don't need a website. I just want private email addresses

There are ways to do this as well. If you don't need a website, but you still want private email addresses for yourself or your company, opt for email hosting services offered by many companies, some of which are recommended you to below. This is the cheapest way to get private email addresses as you're only paying for email hosting.

Recommendations on Top Email Hosting Services

The below are email hosting companies which I would recommend you to try out. To read more about their email hosting plans, click on their respective images below to go to their site and go to their email hosting section for more details.

Top Recommended Email Hosting


Price/month from

1. godaddy
  • Powerful protection against spam and viruses
  • Versatile plans, customised yourself
  • Fast access
  • Good support
  • Access email on mobile platform
  • Low cost
  • Godaddy »


5 star rating: Recommended

visit Godaddy»



  • 5 different plans available
  • 24/7 email support
  • High uptime guarantee
  • Loads of features
  • »





1and1 internet

  • Low prices
  • Local UK company
  • 60 money-back guarantee
  • Anti-phishing, spam and anti-virus
  • 1&1 Internet Ltd »



visit 1&1 Internet Ltd»



  • Mobile email solutions
  • 30 day free trial
  • Powered using Microsift Exchange
  • Myhosting »



visit Myhosting»

Alternative solution to email hosting

If you are sure you only need an email service, then you can opt for email hosting provided by the four recommended companies above. If you decide that maybe later on you will need a website as well to run under the same domain as your email hosting, then you'd be better off choosing normal web hosting since they already provide you with an email service included in the package. So essentially, you have space to host a website but you don't use this space since you don't have a website yet. You're just using the web hosting's email service which could save you even more money. Check out some of the recommended web hosting companies in my other article.

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