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Hosting a mobile website?

Are you looking to create a mobile website for mobile phone and tablet users? In the past couple of years, the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet has grown 10 fold and it's a trend that going to continue to grow exponentially, so it would make sense to create a website that is mobile friendly.

There are a couple of issues that I will address here including the differences on creating a mobile website compared to a normal website and hosting a mobile website.

Differences on creating a mobile website compared to a normal website

Actually the answer for this is pretty simple which is "not a lot" in terms of the technology and coding used. A mobile and a normal website are essentially the same thing but you design your website according to set specifications including:

  1. Screen size
    When designing for a mobile device, the screen size is a lot smaller, so you need to consider the dimensions of your website to make sure it fits a smaller screen
  2. Content
    In terms of content, you would want to put a lot less content onto a website for a mobile device because again of the screen size. Think about it. When you're using your iPhone for example, do you have the time and patience to read through a website that has a lot of content and a lot of links splattered across the site? The answer is no because usually you're on the move and want to check something quickly. You're not going to bother with all the glory details and you'll want to get straight to the answer.
  3. Larger text and buttons
    Because the screen size is smaller on mobile devices, you'll want to make the buttons and text size a little larger so people can see the contents more easily without having to zoom in. You also want your site to be easily navigatable.
  4. Horizontal content
    Your content should run vertically, with no horizontal scrolling. Keep widths to a minimal on your mobile website and no large images that will increase the width. Note that content and images will be rendered slightly differently on a PC monitor and on a handheld phone.
  5. Keep images and rich media to a minimal
    Mobile devices connect to the internet through WIFI or 3G which is a lot slower than a network cable attached to a PC. Also the processing power is less than for a PC. Taking these 2 points into account, you can easily draw the conclusion that a website will run slower on a mobile device than on a PC. For that reason, you want to reduce the amount of rich media on your site such as images, 3rd party widgets like Facebook likes, Tweet buttons, Pin it buttons and other social media buttons. Strictly no Flash content as they are not supported on mobile devices, as yet of this writing anyway.

Hosting a mobile website

Hosting a mobile website is pretty much the same as hosting a normal website. For me, I see no great differences as the differences are in the style of design and coding, not the hardware. So having said that, any hosting company that I have recommended on my site will be able to host your mobile website without any problems whatsoever. I can almost guarantee that.

There are however a few hosting companies that have special options for hosting mobile websites which are perfect for beginners who don't want to go into the nitty gritty of coding and go straight to developing using mobile website builders that are readily available on their platform. Just to clarify, these builders usually use a GUI for drag and drop and provides templates to get you going. The below are 3 companies that I would recommend to you if you need a mobile website builder to help you get started.

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