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How to register and buy a domain name

Here's a step by step guide on domain name registration. This is something all website owners need to do to in order to setup a website for whatever purpose such as a shopping site or a blog. First go to which is the best and most reputable domain name registrar on the internet. The reason why I like them and why they're the best is there 24/7 sales and support staff which you can call at anytime which they are more than happy to help you out and also which I've received great support from them on registering domains over years.

On choosing a domain name, you always want to choose a domain name which is easy to spell and easy to remember. Look at,, and You want to avoid long words with lots of syllables. Also avoid numbers in your domain name such as is a bad domain to choose as people won't know what the 123 is and also looks like a spam address as it's unprofessional. Also just telling people your website domain, people won't know whether it's 123 in numerals or spelled out in letters. Another thing you want to be aware of when choosing the right domain name is to choose a name which reflects what the nature of your website is about so if I chose a domain like and when people clicked into it, it's a website about web hosting, then this is going to give you a bad name and also won't do you any favours on search engines. This seems like an easy point to know but it's amazing the amount of people who don't follow this rule. Learn the top 10 tips on choosing a good domain name.

Now, on choosing a domain compared to all the other domain types out there such as .com, .net, .org. If you're from the UK and your business is in the UK, then you would want to register a domain. Else if your business is directed not only to UK but to overseas, then .com would be the best to go for. Don't go for .net, .info or any other domains that is not common. Follow the steps below to buy your first domain name.

Open Godaddy website┬╗

Register a domain:

  1. Go to and find the domains section on the top green navigation bar

    godaddy domain name

  2. Go to the domain name search box

    type domain name

  3. Type in the domain name you want to register
  4. Choose the domain from the drop down menu e.g., .com etc
  5. Click on search
  6. If your chosen domain name is already chosen, Godaddy will display a message on your next screen saying for example " is already taken"

    domain unavailable

  7. At this point don't be tempted to choose the .net, .info alternatives that are presented to you.
  8. Think of another domain name that is related to the nature of your website. For example, if is already taken, I might try typing in to see if that's available. If that's not available either, then change the words around again or use some other related words instead such as See the pattern here?
  9. If you finally find a domain name which is available, Godaddy will inform you with a big green tick and the words " is available"

    domain available

  10. Scroll down to the bottom ignoring all the options that are presented to you in tick boxes and find the button that says "Continue to registration"

    continue registration

  11. You'll come across several screens presenting you hundreds of other options which you can just skip by scrolling to the bottom and continue.
  12. If you don't have an account with Godaddy, go ahead and fill in all the information such as your details.

    godaddy domain details
  13. And that's it. You're done and a proud owner of a brand new domain name!

Go to Godaddy now and try┬╗

Last Updated April 26 2014 by Alex Tse