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Reliable Web Hosting Provider

reliable hosting

Another large factor people consider when choosing the right web hosting company to sign up with is the reliability of their web servers and their connection. It would be such a shame if you spent so much time and money developing a great website with all the potential to do well in it's respective purpose and only to make the wrong choice choosing an unreliable web hosting provider that has shoddy servers and connectivity that brings down your site more often than not.

Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting Providers

Is there any such thing? Well, of course there is but what do you consider as cheap and how do you define as acceptable reliability? I can tell you that most web hosting that advertises at prices which are too good to be true, will lack in their services and in return, will lose out on reliability. Think about it. Is it really that worth it? Sure, you got a great deal on web hosting which you might be paying a pound or two each month but if you have a shopping site, the outages and downtime that your unreliable and cheap web hosting provider experiences could mean a considerable loss in potential business earnings.

People who surf the web are known through research to have a very short tolerance time of around 2-3 seconds. If your web runs slow and it takes like 10 seconds to load up, the chances are that this visitor and potential customer will stop the loading by pressing the 'Back' button and take their business elsewhere. Worse still, a user browsing and searching for a related search term on Google or Yahoo, reads your entry, likes it and decides to click through to enter your site only to find that the site is down. The chances of this user coming back to your site again are pretty slim because users do in the back of their minds remember domain names for websites that are good or bad. So make sure you don't fall under the 'bad category' just because you decided to go for cheap hosting.

OK, so your site doesn't sell anything or you're not looking to make money online with it such as a blog, but the reason you created the blog is in the hope that people would come to your site to read it coming back time and again to read what you have written. If your blog is unreliable and breaks down often, people won't come back for sure. So it's in the best interest of anyone starting a website to choose a reliable web hosting company to host their website even if it costs a little bit more than £1 or £2, but in the end, it's going to save you so much time and hassle which, essentially does translate into money.

Reliable Web Hosting, tried and tested by me

During my time as a web developer, I have used many different hosting companies before for my own sites aswell as for client sites and personal recommendations to people that ask me. I too have made the wrong decisions before choosing hosting companies which were hell to deal with because I wanted to save some money on getting websites online. Choose one of the hosting companies that I list here which I have tried and experienced all before. I class them as 'recommended' and 'reliable' because they keep my site online at a good speed, average of 3 seconds for a normal page load for local UK or overseas connections.

What do you think of this site, Do you think it runs smooth and relatively fast? I can share with you that this site runs on shared hosting with one of the hosting companies that is recommended and if you contact and ask me, I will tell you which one ;).

Top Reliable Hosts

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HostPapa » 5 star rating: Recommended
[Personally recommended]

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Hostmonster » 5star

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Bluehost » 5star

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Myhosting » 5star

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Network Solutions » 5star



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ANhosting » 5star



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EUKhost » 5star

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Hostgator » 5star

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1 & 1 Internet » 5star

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Godaddy » 5star

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