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Where to host your website?

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Looking for the right web hosting company for your site is a vital part in determining the success of your website's online venture. Pick the wrong host and your website could be down for hours, days or even weeks before the customer service at the other end decides to put you back live or even not at all, which is sometimes the case. Yes, I've seen it happen before and it's not a pretty scenario.

The thing is, you spend all that time and money on a website making it rich in content with groovy features, user-friendly and jazzed up in design, all for one targeted result and that is to get traffic into your site and have these visitors come back time and again to use your website. So what good is your site if half the time when people try to access it and find that your site is down and inaccessible? Think about it! If Facebook was hosted on a unreliable web server and when you try to login to see what your friends are doing, only to find out that the site is dead most of the time when you want to use it, you will get sick of this and generally not use them anymore, or at least less often. So choosing the right hosting for your site is critical.

The good news is that I am here to help you. I've had many years of experience with different web hosts mainly in the UK and in the US, some good and lots bad. You will find a list of good webhosts recommended here, all of which I have used before, so you can be more confident when choosing these companies to invest in. I've categorised them into the below list so you can find what you are looking for more easily.

  • Top 10 Web Hosting
    The top 10 based on my experience and from consumer preference.
  • Best Web Hosting
    I recommend web hosting based from my experience using them.
  • Personal Web hosting
    Recommended web hosting for people wanting to build personal websites such as blogs, forums, information sites etc.
  • Cheap Web Hosting
    If you're looking for a cheap host but reliable, this list will be right for you.
  • Comparison Report
    Compare the top hosting providers on their uptime, trend, customer service, consumer ratings and price.

Last Updated April 26 2014 by Alex Tse