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Which web hosting provider is the best?

This is a a question that doesn't really have a right answer because how can one really judge which web hosting service provider is the best? There are practically thousands of hosts out there for you to choose from all claiming that they have the best services such as 100% server uptime or 99.9%, which no one really knows whether it's true because the only way you can find out is if you're on your website 24/7 and find that your website is always live. The chances are that no server can have 100% uptime due to server maintenance or experience hardware/software issues. I know because I've signed up to many hosting companies during my time and even though I'm not monitoring my website every second of every day, I've experienced downtime with almost every host.

There are so much information put in front of you when you're choosing a host for your website and it's hard to digest it all if you're a rookie. I will list a 3 things to look out for when choosing a provider which I think are the most important.

Point 1

1. It is really important that you choose a good host that will keep your website running and accessible whenever someone wants to view your site as that's what you created your site for, i.e. for people to get information from you. So this is something that I always look for when I need hosting. This is the first point to look out for.

Point 2

2. The second point is speed. You want your website to be fast as there's nothing more annoying than a slow website where you have to wait ages for a page to render and load completely. There are many fast hosting out there but a lot of them comes at a hefty price tag. The chances are that since you're reading this post, you're not all that clued up on web hosting so I can tell you now that if you're just starting out with a personal website, forum, blog, small ecommerce site, company information site, you really don't need to go for anything too expensive. Shared hosting is fine but choose a good one such as HostPapa. For example, this website is hosted there and so you can browse my website and get a feel of what you're signing up to.

Point 3

3. Another point that I lookout for when determining which hosting service is the best for my needs is the level of customer service. Don't go for small hosting companies as they'll likely not support you when in need. Go for a hosting provider that is easily accessible through phone, email and what I personally find most useful, is an online chat service facility. I use it as my first point of contact and 99 times out of 100, they can help you fix it right there.

So which is the best?

So which hosting provider is the best for you? I can't really answer that for you but I can almost guarantee that a hosting service provider like HostPapa, who is a large company with a good track record and whom I use too, would be suffice for what you're looking for. A fourth point would be the price. You shouldn't be paying anymore than £5-10 per month for your hosting if you're reading this article. Not until your website becomes something bigger (for example 2000 unique visitors per day) do you need to go for bigger hosting plans such as dedicated servers or virtual private servers. The below are my recommendations which I hope you will find useful and help you in choosing the right hosting.

My Recommended Hosts


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