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Myhosting Web Hosting Reviews

About Myhosting and Recommendation

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Myhosting is a really popular hosting company and the most popular one in Canada. Great service for locals in Canada but also a great choice for us living elsewhere, as like I said in one of my other articles, it doesn't really matter where you are located, you can host your website anywhere and still get the same performance. For me, even though I am physically located in the UK, I host my websites in the US and Canada targeted towards the worldwide audience as the costs are a lot lower and you can get some really good deals too.

At the time of this writing, are slashing another 20% off their prices of an already low of $4.95 per month, so check them out quickly. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee which is really useful if you want to try them out but want the option to change to another if you decide later. I personally have 2 websites with Myhosting and generally, they are no different to any good hosting service provider out there. Free domain name, unlimited website hosting and bandwidth, there isn't anything much else that you need from a web host. Great support for anything that you might be doing on your website such as forums, blogs, ecommerce, company websites, they have it all covered and will work perfectly for whatever you need hosting for. I recommend MyHosting because I have used them before, I've recommended them before and they have provided me with a very good service from my 2 years with them. At the end of the day, most of my recommended hosting services provide the same services to the end user and you won't really know the differences between them unless you have been in the game for years and even then, the differences are minimal. So I usually choose my host based on price and experimentation for new websites. Hope you'll find this recommendation useful. Happy hosting!

Myhosting Pricing Plans

Myhosting offers 3 different hosting plans. Basically, they're all the same but as you go up the levels, you will be provided with more features to promote your website and to make it more professional such as SSL certificates for securing customer data and dedicated IPs. The beest way to choose is to go with the most basic hosting and as your website develops and you feel you need some of those features offered by the higher level plans, then ask them to transfer you onto those plans. There is no point starting with expensive plans now when you most likely won't be needing them.

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0 #1 Jan
2013-02-08 08:28
I have 2 CMS websites running with myhosting and I haven't had a problem as yet. Your point on geolocation is right cos I'm in Australia and myhosting is still serving me great there.

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